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Our Staff

Aker, April – Case Manager, LSW aaker@rrvca.com
Christofferson, Jess – Program Associate jchristofferson@rrvca.com
Fruetel, Mike – Weatherization Crew Foreman
Johnson, Kathie – Housing and Energy Manager kjohnson@rrvca.com
Johnson, Travis – Weatherization Crew Technician
Keys, Kent – Executive Director kkeys@rrvca.com
Lebby, Doris – SSVF Case Manager dlebby@rrvca.com
Loveless, Chris – Senior Energy Auditor cloveless@rrvca.com
Manny the Cat – Special Assistant to Kathie J.
McCann, James – Weatherization Crew Technician
Nordrum, Melissa – Case Manager mnordrum@rrvca.com
Noyes, Rose – Office Manager rnoyes@rrvca.com
Peruvian Angel – Senior Blogger
Pladson, Corey – Weatherization Crew Technician
Poole, Tyler – Weatherization Crew Technician
Seibel, Kaye – Finance Manager kseibel@rrvca.com
Severson, Kevin – Housing Program Coordinator, Certified Lead Inspector kseverson@rrvca.com